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How good would life be if you could turn your bills into cash? Well now you can.

It's Legal, It's Easy, It's Your Right.

If you pay...

Mortgage, Electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet, Superannuation, Life insurance and Personal insurances, then Maybe you have House insurance, Contents insurance, Boat, Car or Motorbike insurance.
Even if you pay Health Insurance we may be able to turn those bills into cash.

Try the Trevor Cash Calculator to see if we could turn your bills into cash.

It’s about getting money when you need it most.

How about a cash boost just before Christmas so you no longer have to worry about $$ for presents, or when the kids go back to school so you can afford all those text books and fees or at Easter to buy lots of chocolates and go on that break or mid-year so you can spend up big on all the sales; and if you ever need money in a hurry, we can do that as well.*

It’s not a loan or debt, it’s your money.

* Conditions apply

The club that makes you a bunch.

To turn your bills into cash you need to become a member of the Trevor Club.

This is a club like no other, by us negotiating directly with the providers of your bills we can turn them into cash.*

For a limited time you can save on the Trevor membership fee, normally $59.99 we have even turned this into a refund by giving you $20 back just for joining, so what are you waiting for? Join Trevor Now!

* Conditions apply

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Get in touch with Trevor

Trevor is completely online which saves you time and money. We are a new initiative for Australia. Launched in 2014, we offer our customers an alternative to traditional advice by Turning Your Bills into Cash.

By providing you with the services online, you are able to access our low cost service that does not compromise on delivery as well as offering the convenience of having unrestricted access to your own online account. So email trevor@trevor.com.au now to find out more.

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